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Monday, January 18, 2016

It's Just a Word

Some words become overused to the point where people do not understand their definition anymore. A few that fall into this category, from strictly a speaking standpoint, would be "so", "like", and "literally".
"So" has become an introductory pause, effectively updating "um".
The abuse of "like" can be heard from any teenager, but is best exemplified by watching "The Valley Girls". Like, totally...
It "Literally" makes me want to gag myself with a spoon. Not!

Okay. Why the stupid lesson with words you use more smarterer than us?
Phunny, and it would be "words you use better than we..."
I just wanted to add one more word to the list.
It's just a little word.
We hear it at work every day.
It's directed towards us to oversimplify what we do.

According to definition #4 of the Oxford Dictionary, "Just" is defined as: "Simply; only; no more than."

As in:
It's just a refill.
It's just a box.
You just have to slap a label on it.
Why is it so expensive? It's just an antibiotic.
Why so much? It's just an eye drop.
Why is it taking so long? It's just one tablet.
I just have a question.

Unfortunately, we are often guilty of committing this error. How often does a person bring a bottle to the counter and our initial response is: "You just have a refill"?
Or we have to add insurance or a discount card when the patient is at pickup and our techs tell them "It'll just be a minute".

Everything takes time.
Give people a realistic expectation.
Maybe they'll learn.
If not we can stab them with our finely sharpened Spatula Kitanas and tell them it's just a flesh wound...


  1. Estimate a time and add 5 minutes. That way when you finish early people are generally grateful you were able to "rush it through" 👍