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Monday, May 6, 2013

You Can't Make this up...

An average day dawns, as so many have before. The phone rings and we get an average refill for an Average Joe. Unfortunately, the medication is far from average and CP must call Average Joe to tell him it needs ordered. 
AJ: Hello?
CP: Sir? This is CP calling. We are out of stock on the medication you called in earlier to have refilled. 
AJ: Okay. 
CP: I was calling to let you know it won't be in tomorrow until after 3:11. 
AJ: Okay. 
CP: Can you wait until then? Or do you need it sooner?
AJ: I can wait. I have a few left. 
CP: Ok. Then we shall see you tomorrow after 3:11. 
AJ: Okay. 

A few hours later, on an average evening of what's continued being an average day, a customer rolls up to our counter in a motorized scooter. While I am occupied with a phone call, my bionic ear hears some grumbling directed at one of my technicians. I quickly end my call and begin my rescue march to the counter. Along the way, another of my technicians indicates this is none other than Average Joe, who is mad that his prescription is not ready. 

CP: Good day, sir. What seems to be the trouble?
AJ: My prescriptions is not here. 
CP: Are you, in fact, the patient known as Average Joe?
AJ: I am. 
CP: Well, sir, I do apologize but I spoke with you not 4 hours ago about this very prescription. I personally called to tell you we were out of stock. You told me you had a few pills to last. I mentioned I wanted to save you a trip down here and you thanked me and said you'd see me tomorrow. Do you not remember?
AJ: Wasn't me.
CP: Sorry? Your name is Joe, right? Average Joe?
AJ: Must have been my twin brother? 
CP: (Thinking uh-oh, HIPAA violation. Who'd I talk to?) Your twin? But I asked for Joe, Average Joe. And someone said "This is Joe, Average Joe". 
AJ: Yeah. Must've been him. I was sleeping. His name's Joe, Average Joe too. 
CP: Seriously? You and your twin are both named Average Joe?
AJ: Yes. It's okay. I'll come back tomorrow. 
CP: Ok. See you then. 
As I walk away with a seriously astounded look on my face, my technicians are all abuzz. Shaking my head as I walk past, they say "You know he doesn't have a twin, right? He's been coming here for years and always makes excuses, but that's the first time he ever made up a twin brother." Yes, a twin brother with the same name no less. 

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