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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bring Your ____ To Work Day

Some places have job sharing and cross training as part of their standard operations. There are some universities that have Medical and Pharmacy programs integrated, to a degree, so they can appreciate the other's profession (they share a few classes). As with all education, what-I-learned-in-school is nothing compared to "the real world" experience. To this end, I say let's have a "Bring A Professional to Work Day".
Doctors would have to have a pharmacist follow him all day and allow her to interact with the office staff. From this she would gain insight into how an office is run and what it's like to be on the receiving end of all of those pharmacies calling for petty annoyances like missing information on e-scripts, prior auths, refills, etc. And we'd get a lunch break!

Pharmacists would have prescribers following them around the pharmacy for a day. They would get to see what an e-script looks like after they hit "send". They would get to see that not all drugs are $4 and certainly not free at all pharmacies. They would get to see what it's like to deal with insurances in real time. We'd even "allow" them to call for an override or other insurance rejection. They may be lucky enough to have to phone their own office to request missing information or a prior auth. How spectacular if they got to phone a colleague to get his missing DEA#, or chastise him for not signing yet another prescription! The tour would not include the bathroom, since we never pee. And that lunch you enjoy?; it's called a Ziploc baggie of Cheetos stuffed in your pocket and a random handful of something edible someone left open on the counter that you just happened to walk by.

In all seriousness, it's not a bad idea. We could call it Adopt-A-Doc or Friend-A-Pharmacist Day.

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