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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nuvaring Ideas

Did everyone see the NuvaBling commercial Saturday Night Live did a couple months ago? (If not, it's posted on here somewhere.) As we were discussing some of our best Nuvaring stories around the campfire at work, okay it's more of an oscillating fan, we hit upon a new idea for them to extend their patent life.
What if they made the Nuvarings out of the Neon DayGlo Bracelets and necklaces?
Imagine the possibilities with this:

Easy to find.
Fashion accessory when the 3 weeks are up (though some already wear them as jewelry.)
Different colors for the holidays.
Changes colors, like a mood ring. (From "Excited" to "Honey, not tonight".)
Changes colors when it's time to change.
How about ones that blink? NuvaBlink? Add a little custom trim job with an arrow or landing strip and you have a blinking runway guiding you home.

Of course, on top of remembering to take the stickers out of the box when filling these, we'd also have to remember the plastic connectors. So every 3 months you can connect them together into a necklace. Or after a year, a jumprope, or hula hoop...


  1. I just want to know if they have to go in "cold" or can they be body temperature first.

    Might be a little bit of a shock, ya know?

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