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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pharmacy Awards...

We all have our favourite office members who leave voicemails for us many times a day. From doctors to nurses to secretaries to family members of the practitioners, they are memorable for many reasons. I say we should reward them for their spectacular behaviour.
Let's have an annual awards ceremony for them. Here's how it would work. Each month, all local pharmacies would nominate one voicemail and one person in each category for a prize. At the end of the year, a winner would be chosen from this list of 12. We would send the person a letter of congratulations and a prize to acknowledge excellence in their category.

The Categories:
-Fastest Talker with No Errors
-Voicemail Missing the Most Information
-Best Supporting would be the Hardest Office to Track Down to Verify All Missing Information
-Most Articulate/Best Elocution
-Talker With the Most Food in the Mouth
-Most Messages Left Immediately Before Lunch and Closing Time
-Least Intelligible Message
-Least Prepared Caller (um, let me find that chart. it was just here, um, hold on, he forgot the strength and um...)
-Snootiest Messages Left (Yeah, we sent this last week and patient says it isn't there. <sigh> So here it is again)
-Most Messages Left to Cancel an E-Script (this should be a person-to-person call)

We could invite all the nominees to a contest luncheon. They would each try to transcribe the nominated messages. The overall winner would be the person who got the most correct on first playback or the person who restrained herself from slicing the jugular of one of her colleagues for her role in warranting this contest entirely.
Perhaps they'd learn something. Perhaps not. Perhaps they'd meet their competition and try to outdo them for next year's award.
Even better, we could have the local winners compete in State Regionals. The winners of those rounds would get to compete Nationally at APhA each Spring.

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