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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Ratings System

Retailers offer customers the option to write product reviews on their websites.
I like to research these before I buy something so I know what to expect. The ones that amuse me the most are the negative reviews. Obviously, if a product has many negative reviews, there must be a reason; it's likely an inferior product. What about the 1 or 2 negative reviews adrift in a sea of positives? 

Some common ones I found this weekend:
"I gave this a 1 because I couldn't figure out how to assemble it. I had to return it to the store." 
"The colour didn't match when I got it home." 

I think we need a system like this for pharmacies. Remove the fake, forced "Customer Service Reviews" and offer online reviews of your experience. This would apply not only to the pharmacy itself, but to the medications dispensed. 

"I gave this pharmacy a 1 because I had to wait in line behind 3 other people picking up their prescriptions and no one gave me a gift card."

"The drive-thru wasn't fast enough. I should be able to order and pay at 1 window then pick it up immediately at the second window like I do with my breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day."

"The blue ones worked better and they gave me white ones."

"The pharmacist was so busy helping someone find something out front that I had to wait an extra 2 minutes to get my prescription checked. The customer service is horrible."

Perhaps we could set up a website dedicated to Pharmacy reviews?
We could offer a drop-down menu of all pharmacies in the country and sort by store number or address.  This would allow patients to go online and rate their service. Instead of a phony "On a scale of 1 to 5, How was your service?" we could see that the patient was unhappy with the fact that we stapled her bag shut. It happens. We shouldn't get dinged on "satisfaction results" simply because she gave us a "1" for a staple. It's all about context. This way we can hand the patients the address at pickup, or text them a link, then find our own store on the list.

Maybe we could include a corporate link too?

Anyone want to start this with me? We can link it to my page.
"Pharmacy Patient Reviews"?

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