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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Open at the Close

Signs are only helpful if two requirements are met:
1. You must be looking for them.
2. You must read them.
There are other factors that enter into it of course but without these two, the rest of them are moot.
(You must be able to interpret them. You must pay attention to them. You must heed them...etc.)

We have our hours conspicuously posted:
a. on the front doors
b. on the pharmacy counters
c. on the wall of the pharmacy
d. in the waiting area
e. drive-thru windows

The problem with arriving early to work is people can see you. Even if you have shutters instead of a gate, people see the lights on and know someone is home. They'll just bang on the shutters shouting "I know you're in there. I just have a question!" until your blood boils.

Here is last week's verbal sparring joust:
<We are early. It's a Saturday. Unpacking the crew's donuts and coffee. Sunny. 78 degrees...inside and out...>

Early Ass Talker Making Exclamations: What time do you open?
CP: We open at 9am, kind sir. About 20 minutes.
EATME: It's 14 minutes.
CP: What?
EATME: It's 14 minutes.
CP: Well my clock says it is 8:43 so that's 17 minutes. (Which is also "ABOUT 20 minutes".)
EATME: Mine says 14 minutes.
CP: Glad I don't use your clock to open, then, huh? Perhaps you should sync your watch with my clock. This way you will always know when we are open and never be too early.
EATME: Smart Ass.
CP: Smart Ass who fills your prescriptions when we open at 9am. Which is now 16 minutes away. Provided I open on time. Sometimes people talk to me and keep me from getting my work done and I lose track of time. Glad you're here though so I won't forget.
EATME: I'll be back.
CP: In 15 minutes...give or take.
EATME: Can you take my prescriptions now?
CP: Are we open?
EATME: You're in there.
CP: And you're out there. What conversation would you be having right now were I not in here? Had I not decided to arrive early? What if I had been that pharmacist who believes in only working the exact 10 hours, 600 minutes since you're counting, and not a second more than scheduled?
EATME: Piss off.
CP: I don't get to do that in a 10 hour shift. See you in, hey! look! it's now 14 minutes.

1 comment:

  1. Same thing at closing. 5min before closing: please fill my prescription. I have an infection. It's only 10 tablets! (The prescription is for Norco and she's never been to our pharmacy)