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Monday, February 24, 2014

My Sincerest Apologies

Someone told me I should apologize for their long wait in my pharmacy. Someone said I should apologize for taking too long to get a transfer from another pharmacy. Someone told me to apologize for their prescriber's office taking too long to get back to me when I called about an invalid e-script they sent. Someone told me I should apologize for being out of stock on a new medication that, for some reason, perhaps the $6,000 cost, no pharmacy within 25 miles had either. All of these someones got me thinking.

I apologize that I will not apologize to you. Sorry. That is how it has to be. I have a job to do. I am not concerned about your feelings. I am not concerned about your ice cream melting in your car even though it has not been above 2.6 degrees all day. I am not sorry you had to wait while I performed my job. I am not sorry your prescriber chose to send your prescription to mail order instead of to me. I am not sorry you have to wait while I call her back, after her 90 minute lunch break which started 15 minutes prematurely, to ask why she gave you Bactrim for your burning UTI when you have a documented Sulfa allergy.

Do prescribers apologize when you don't like their diagnosis? No. Do they apologize for continuously sending error-filled e-scripts? No. Do they apologize for being 3 hours behind every single day? No? Then I am not going to apologize for checking for drug interactions. For checking for allergies. For checking my state's PMP for control abuse. For checking the dose and directions on this prescription when it doesn't make sense. And you know what? I'm going to do this for every single prescription I fill today. And I am not sorry one bit. I don't care. It's my job and that's why I went to school. And that's why they pay me. So here's a dose of Shut The Hell Up and Have a Seat. Sip it slow because it'll burn all the way down. Sorry. But that's how I feel. No apologies needed.

All Apologies...
What else should I be? All Apologies.
What else should I say? Everyone is gay.
What else should I write? I don't have the right.
What else should I be? All Apologies.
I wish I was like you, easily amused.
Find my nest of salt. Everything is my fault.
I'll take all the blame...

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