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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Why is it so?

CP: Your copay is $123.45
Have A Little Faith: Why is it that?
CP: That's what the copay is.
HALF: But why?
CP: Why not?
HALF: But I have insurance.
CP: Yes. Yes you do. This is your copay.
HALF: But if I have insurance, why is it so much?
CP: With insurances today, there could be many reasons.
HALF: Such as?
CP: It's expensive? You have bad insurance? You are in the Hole of Donuts?
HALF: But they're just eye drops.
CP: Yes. Eye drops with no generic. Using the qualifier "just" does not just magically make something cheaper or easier to accomplish. That's like telling me I "just" put pills in a bottle.
HALF: Well that doesn't make sense to me.
CP: Lots of things make no sense to me. Particle physics, for example. Yet we have experts on this subject and I have to trust them. You've got to have faith in those who know.
HALF: Well I don't like it.
CP: You don't have to like it. You just have to accept it.
Water's wet and the sky is blue.
The earth is round and global warming's true.
Your insurance pays while you pay too.
Whatever happens, we all get screwed.

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