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Friday, December 20, 2013

Pharmacy Pre-Holiday Checklist

For my Christmas preparations, or any holiday for that matter, I try to make sure I have everything I need so I do not have to go out at the last minute. The same holds true for storms. If we are experiencing a major snowstorm, a hurricane, or swarm of locusts, my goal is to not venture outside. I can raid my pantry of the food that got lost in the back and the items buried on the bottom of my freezer to make a few meals to get me through until civilization returns. I've usually received enough warning that the weather phenomena or the Holidays are coming. Holidays are rather predictable in that they occur roughly the same time every year. Pretty sure Christmas has been December, 25th for as long as I've been alive and New Year's Day occurs January, 1st...every year now.
In the pharmacy world however, people seem to plan shopping trips during/around these events. Level 1 snow emergency where the roads are closed? Busiest days in the pharmacy and for hospital visitors.
It already started last week.

Holiday Shopper: What are your hours on Christmas Eve?
CP: Why?
HS: I need to know how late the pharmacy will be open.
CP: Why? Are you planning on making your family sick with dinner? Take them out for Chinese then. Are you planning a visit to the ER? By definition that's not how that works. What could you possibly need 4 days from now that you cannot purchase today? We are open right now.  

It happened around Thanksgiving and it will happen until New Year's Day. I understand the need to be open and that people need our services when they need them. My point, my question, is why do people PLAN to pick up prescriptions on these days? (No, they're not ALL non-holiday observing folk and they're not expecting us to be slow and they're not all post-ER visits.)

If shopping on Holidays were a crime, this would be premeditation.


  1. Just a thought. I know that I have asked when my pharmacy was open on a particular day ... either because I get paid on that day and need to know I can get what I need ... I have to drive and have to budget for that day. I hear you but by the same token, not every one is an asshole out to ruin your day.

  2. Could also be they can't fill their rx until that day. Insurance or bc it is controlled. Sometimes four days is too early, as you know.