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Thursday, April 11, 2013


Refill requests get placed in different ways every day. Yesterday was different. 
Fine dining establishment or pharmacy? This is a new one, even for me...
...and I'd like a side of HCTZ with some fresh ground Metformin...

Lady Customer: I'd like to place an order for my husband's refills. 
CP: Ok. Do you have the numbers?
LC: I do. He needs #123, #234, #345, and #456. 
CP: Fine, madam. Anything else for you today?
LC: Oh. He also needs #567. 
CP: Ok...
LC: And I'll have the same.
CP: Ok...I'm sorry?
LC: And I'll have the same. 
CP: The same...what?
LC: The last prescription numbers I gave you.
CP: I'm sorry. But what?
LC: I take the same medications too. I need them filled for myself. 
CP: OooooKay. Do you have those numbers, by chance?
LC: No. I just always order it that way. 
CP: You are aware this is not a restaurant, right? 

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