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Friday, January 11, 2013

Conversation #2

Any Caller: Did my doctor send you a prescription for me?
CP: Maybe...
AC: What do you mean maybe?
CP: Ok. Sorry. It depends?
AC: Depends? On what?
CP: It depends on who "me" is.
AC: I am me.
CP: I know this to be true as you and I, or as you put it "I and 'me'" are talking. However, "me" does not come up in my computer. If it did, I'd have a thousand of them and I would still need something like a first and last name and date of birth to separate you out from all the other "me's" who call me every hour with the same inquiry. Care to try again?
AC: No. I'll just call my doctor and ask him. Thanks though.
CP: Good idea. You're probably the only "me" he has. I'll be on the lookout for a call for "me". Want me to call you if I get one for "me"?

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