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Monday, February 20, 2017

Patient Know-It-Alls

Don't you just hate it when someone is so convinced they are correct and you know they are wrong but can't change their belief? It's like every post on Facebook this past election season. Or going down the rabbit hole of Flat-Earthers thanks to Kyrie Irving...Or an average day at work in the pharmacy.

Just Convinced He's Right In Some Thinking: I need my diabetes medication refilled.
CP: Okay. <scanning profile> I see we have Metformin on your profile. Would you like me to...
JCHRIST: Nope. That's not it. It's for something else.
CP: It is for diabetes.
JCHRIST: No. No, It's not. I said it's something else.
CP: O...kay. Any idea what it...?
JCHRIST: What about my blood pressure medication?
CP: You mean the one to lower it?
JCHRIST: Of course to lower it! What a stupid question.
CP: Just making sure. <scanning...scanning...> Aha. I see Lisinopril.
JCHRIST: Nope. Wrong again.
CP: Well, it IS for High Blood Pressure. The way this conversation is going, I suggest you at least fill that.
JCHRIST: Did that replace my Lipitor?
CP: No. That would be for cholesterol.
JCHRIST: No it isn't.
CP: Um...Yes. Yes, it is! It's right there in the name "lipid".
JCHRIST: No. It isn't. Don't they teach you about drugs in school?
CP: In fact, they do. I'm just curious where you obtained your education.
JCHRIST: School of hard knocks. I've been taking these for years. That's why, when your people ask if I "have any questions for the pharmacist", I always answer "Nope. Been taking them since before you were born".

...That moment when you realise you are arguing with an idiot...which makes you an idiot...which makes you wonder who is the bigger idiot...

CP: I see. Well, since my advice is always free, let me offer this to you. You can give a man an education, but you can't make him take it. Since you are so convinced you are taking the correct medications for the correct conditions, there is nothing I can do to help you. The next time you pick up your medications, I will have a new waiver for you to sign:

"I, the undersigned, have refused the most valiant attempts at counseling by my pharmacist. Even though she is trained in the ways of the phorce, and I am but a patient, I prefer to put all my faith in my uninformed alternative facts. Nothing she can tell me shall persuade me otherwise and I shall live and die by my own ignorance, exculpating the pharmacist from any blame."


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