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Thursday, June 12, 2014

It's a Couple

Interpretations vary wildly sometimes.
Perhaps it is perception.
Perhaps they just don't know what the word means.
Like literally.

Nursing Home Caller: I need to call in orders for a patient who is being discharged.
CP: Okay. How many do you have?
NHC: What?
CP: How many?
NHC: A couple.
CP: Uh-huh. Sure. No one gets discharged from a nursing home on just a couple. What's a couple?
NHC: I don't know. Like 8 or 9?
CP: Seriously? You call that a couple? When was the last time you were at a wedding where the priest introduced the "Happy Couple" and you saw 8 or 9 people standing at the altar?

1 comment:

  1. LOL!!! Even better in LTC is when they call you and tell you they have STAT orders and they end up being things like VITAMINS and supplements and everything else that's in their emergency boxes. Then get mad because you tell them that's what the emergency boxes are for, and vitamins are not a stat item so everything can be pulled from the kits and items will be sent on the next delivery.