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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Something's Wrong

Something's wrong with the world today. I don't know what it is. No, something's wrong with me. All these years of dealing with drive-thru customers and I, I just don't know how to act anymore. I think what I did was wrong. But now I'm not sure. Pharmacy patrons treat the drive-thru like it's Fast Food. Please allow me to confess my sins then tell me if I was wrong.
It was a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning as I headed to work. Feeling a wee bit peckish I decided a meal from McDonald's would hit the spot. As I neared the turn for their driveway I noticed a long line of cars already snaking around the building. There were 7 cars in line before the ordering station.
Then something came over me. An epiphany? A dawn of realization? Something happened that caused me to bypass that line altogether. I actually parked my car. Yes. I parked my car and walked. I walked to the front door. I entered the store on my own two legs. I walked up to the counter and what, to my surprise did I see? Nothing. There was nary a soul to be found inside this morning. Quickly I approached the counter to place my order. Apparently it surprised the cashier who almost forgot how to log on a register and that people would actually come inside in the morning.
Seconds later, as I left with my warm breakfast and Caramel Mocha in had, I noticed the position in line where I could have been had I decided to crawl through the drive-thru lane. I would not yet have ordered. Funny. I though about getting back into the line then and pretending I was at the pharmacy.
I would call the store from the drive-thru and ask what's taking so long?
I would honk at all the people in front of me.
I would get out of my car, walk up to the drive-thru window and scream "I just want a coffee! All you do is pour it in a cup!"
I would knock on other people's windows telling them to hurry up.
I think when I finally got to the front, I'd park and scream for fresh, hot hash browns and I wasn't going to move until I got them.

But I did not. I simply smiled as I got in my car and drove to work, at peace with the decision I had made to walk that day and wishing, just once, my customers thought as I did that one sunny morning...

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  1. Hilarious comparison! O Brother, where art thou when we need you?